Make Holiday Decorations With Paint And Upcycled Items From Around The Home

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Decorating your home for the holidays is fun, but it can also be expensive. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to turn regular household objects into holiday decorations. For the following projects, basically, you just need to add some paint to items you might already have around your home.

Snowflake Napkin Rings

To make these fun napkin rings, you just need a few old puzzle pieces, a plain napkin ring, and a small gem from the craft store. Use your paint supplies to to paint the napkin ring and the puzzle pieces white. Glue the puzzle pieces on top of the napkin ring.

Arrange the puzzle pieces as if they are the petal of a flower. Then, pop the crystal gem in the middle of the pieces. The final effect should look like a snowflake on a napkin ring. Put in your favorite holiday napkins, and you'll love how your table looks.

Alphabet Letter Ornaments

Do you have any old letter stencils around your home? If you're into crafts, the answer is probably yes. If so, consider painting some stencils and turning them into ornaments for your tree. Spell out words such as "joy" or "love" or just make ornaments that are the same as the initials of your family members.

Dramatic Candle Holders

Have some old wine bottles in your recycling bin? Then, pull them out, cover them with matte black paint, and put in some long tapered candles. You may want to burn a few candles before the guests arrive. As the wax builds up on the sides of the bottle, it creates a fun effect.

Holiday Sparkle Lampshades

Lampshades are a great materials for all kinds of crafting projects. You can glue old holiday cards onto a tired old lamp shade. Just let the light shine through and enjoy.

Alternatively, consider leaving the outside of the lampshade its existing color. Then, add some sparkle by using your paint supplies to put a silver and gold lining into your lampshade. This is especially fun for hanging lamp shades.

Holiday Plaques

If you have old picture frames lying around, those can make fun holiday plaques. First, paint the outside of the frame a fun holiday color. Then, put a small chalk board into the frame. You can change the message depending on the holiday or you can permanently paint messages such as "seasons greetings" whatever you like on the board.Do this project with small picture frames, add a small string, and voila, you have tree ornaments.

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