3 Ways to Use Vinyl Floor Graphics for in-Store Sales

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Expand the advertising options of your retail business when you add graphics and visuals directly to the floor shoppers walk on. Vinyl floor graphics offer the durability to handle foot traffic and you can take advantage of the graphics to help promote sales within your store.

Learn about three effective ways to use the graphics specifically for in-store sales and how to use the graphic for years into the future.

1. Shopper Guides

Instead of having a shopper discover a sale section of your store, you can lead them right to specific items using vinyl floor graphics. A floor graphics manufacturer can produce multiple graphics that include arrows or footsteps. Lay down the graphic to lead shoppers directly to a section.

The graphic can feature language like "Mega Sale" or "Clearance." You may even choose to detail what products are on sale. A graphic may include a collage of toy products and feature "Super Toy Sale!" text followed by arrows or footprints. Shoppers will naturally be drawn to signage and check out the sale.

2. Instant Coupons & Rewards

As shoppers wait in line, you can get them to read your floor graphics more because they will stand in one location for longer. A floor graphic at a checkout line is an ideal way to offer instant coupons or access to a rewards app. Using smart barcodes, customers can scan the graphics and gain access to an app download page or a customer rewards sign-up page.

Through the extra interactions, customers can enjoy more discounts while you gain more ways to reach out to customers for sales and promotions in the future. The graphics can remain on the floor for extended periods of time so you help gain new customer sign-ups every day.

3. New Product Promotions

If you have a new product you want to promote for your store, then you can use floor graphics as big advertisements. An oversized floor graphic right at the entrance of a store is an ideal way to draw a customer's attention to that item.

As you work with different product companies, you may partner up to help promote products. For example, if a new clothing line has launched, you can offer floor graphic promotions at your store to help showcase the new clothing line. The company may help pay for the vinyl floor graphic to help market the clothing line.

Select floor graphics that match your store's branding by contacting a company like DCM Inc.